My name is Kirsten Roya Azal. I am a woman, geek, author & artist. On this blog I post about politics and culture of technology, fall out for women, surveillance used against mothers and women, child protection and algorithms, sexual abuse cases and why mothers get a hard deal when battling a male system geared against them (with added technology steroid), algorithms in the judicial system and related subjects.  I also discuss individual cases where psychiatry plays a sinister role.

I am working since 30 years with computers and interfaces, and since 20+ years with and on the internet. I have co-designed and experienced the net and computers with all their blessings and illnesses. I was always especially interested in the interplay between human computer interfaces, technical surfaces, propaganda, human perception, art, politics and culture. I also write a lot and create art. In Germany I published with a couple of online magazines and newspapers.

In England and the USA I worked for brands, media groups and organisations such as The Guardian Online, The Times, The New Scientist, the Vitra Design Museum, Cambridge University Museums and many others. I worked on News Sites, Apps, Platforms, technical infastructures, museum’s projects, eLearning projects and software systems as Interface Designer, Information-Architect and User Experience Expert. More about my work on royaazal.net

Like many people I  have personally endured the dark side to the technological developments that did not develop in tune with our governmental and social systems. Since 2012 I live in Berlin where I create visual art and work on material relating to consciousness, propaganda, Islamic philosophy, computing, healing arts, psychology and similar.