(Roya) is rendering into language—in her own words—an experience that we all are fated to come to terms with. She is using her voice to call out the demon, so to speak, so as to help the rest of us see it. She is embodying what I am talking about that we all need to do – find our unique voice and articulate our experience of Wetiko in our own creative way. " ~ Paul Levy, Author of "Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking The Curse Of Evil"

~ * ~

My name is Kirsten Roya Azal. I am an author, artist, graphic designer and geek. I live in Berlin and grew up in Munich, Germany.

I moved to London in my 20s and worked in the arts and in the emerging digital innovation industry. I also lived in New York City for a while where I created “New Media Art”. I worked for organisations and institutions like the Vitra Design Museum, The Guardian Online, the Tate Galleries, the Design Museum and others as editorial designer, user experience expert, information-architect, graphic designer and artist. My life was interrupted by cyberstalking and hacking, and abuse by the UK police and officials whose job would have been to protect me, but who let me (like many other people) down. It is part of the current global corruption crisis.

On The Red Mother I write about data, the politics of data and surveillance, constructing & de-constructing the internet, authoritarian abuse (fascism), and the abuse of women and children by the ever rising tide of toxic masculinity through data networks. I  focus in particular also on the involvement of digital and neo-liberal culture in these abuses, but also offer clues how to gather strength and how to fight back. This blog is a project in progress and new (data safe) features and content will be added over time.

I am also an exhibiting artist. My work was shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and in Toyko and some people have said nice things about my work. Further I am writing a very successful blog on Jungian Psychology, Mental Health, Sufism, Islam, Philosophy, Traditionalism, Modernity, etc.