Backlash and the Culture of Jailing Victims of Rape

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“When the enemy has no face, society will invent one.” ― Susan Faludi

Introducing the work of Women Against Rape and their work against the persecution and imprisonment of rape victims for allegeldy “fabricating allegations”.

Inverting crimes and accusing victims to be perpetrators is part of the “back lash culture” against women (and men too). Those who speak out, report abuse, rape, domestic violence etc will be silenced by the system and it’s helpers in police, judiciary, psychiatry and social work, and even “women’s advocacy” groups.

These pages are recommended for further reading

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The rape victims prosecuted for “false” rape allegations

I also want to remind of the case of D., who is persecuted for having reported rape and whose children were snatched by social services.

I have also written about D on this blog.

While not agreeing with some arguments of Susan Faludi in her book “backlash”, I am grateful for her insightfulness and analyzing from the onset what was coming to women in the Western (and Eastern) hemispheres.  It is recommended reading to understand more of the underlying contexts in the new wave of Western state supported abuses of women and children and how these patterns of abuse evolved and manifested to this point.

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