Dictatorship, Algorithms and The Disorderly Arabesque

“The Arabesque (…) transfigures the object of nature it decorates (…) into a weightless, transparent, floating pattern extending infinitely in all directions (…) the object of nature has become under the Arabesque treatment a window onto the infinite.”

During my work on this blog, while researching, reading and writing about Islamic philosophy and arts I have come of course very early unto the Arabesque. The Arabesque pattern – sometimes foliate but commonly geometrically structured patterns of different shapes and coloring, known from Islamic decorative arts but also from music – has captured my interest.


The Arabesque is such a well-known feature of Islamic art, that it has come to define Islamic art like an icon (together with calligraphy). It puzzles me somewhat because are we not supposed to avoid icons? However, the following question arose: What are we understanding about the deeper meaning of the Arabesque? For me, as an artist who loves the forests, plants, animals and nature, who is inspired by patterns, natural networks and natural communication-systems, the meaning of the Arabesque is vast and intriguing. A multitude of subtle meanings and secrets are hidden under these surfaces of infinitately stretched out patterns, that seem to be always the exactly the same.


During my studies of mathematical patterns I stumbled soon into the obvious question: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO  IMAGINE MATHEMATICS AND STRUCTURES ONE CAN NOT SEE WITH THE BARE EYE? It is possible, because mathematics and the language of the infinite is embedded within our own mind. Nature itself is a reflection of our minds, just like our minds are a reflections of nature. Language – and mathematics is also nothing else but a language – is a navigational tool to help us to use our minds and map out our inner and outer nature and reality. However, the notion that the infinite is of always the exact mathematical order is wrong. We need variety and disorder – including irrationality – in order to develop and survive and for things to evolve.


Rima Ajlouni, a scientist in the US wrote an extensive paper on the amazing ingenuity in Islamic art and mathematics to describe both order and disorder.


Ms Ajlouni talks about the striking characteristics of Quasi-Crystal (sub-atomic) formations, who only appear to be always exactly the same, but are ever so slightly different. These differences allow changes and evolutionary growth. Islamic scientists and artists were able to reflect this in their work from very early on. And were not only able to think in terms of order about the infinite but also in contradictions and complexities, deriving from the need to envision and solve problems and “to stretch” the imagination.


With the invention of vast computer driven network technologies and the newly invented use of computer generated algorithms to control “user experiences” it seems worthwhile to re-visit the original meaning of mathematics as a language of the infinite.


Algorithms & Dictatorship


Algorithms as they are used (and abused) these days are computer generated responses to “behavorial structures and patterns”.  In contemporary mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a self-contained sequence of actions to be performed. Because an algorithm is a precise list of precise steps, the order of computation is always crucial to the functioning of the algorithm, An algorithm does however not understand ambiguity and really out of order, unexpected behaviors. Instructions are usually assumed to be listed explicitly, and are described as starting “from the top” and going “down to the bottom”, an idea that is described more formally by flow of control.


Trump apparently won his campaign also thanks to businesses that designed algorithms that targeted users on facebook and twitter with personalised “experiences” – this means a user is feed a certain set of stories to encourage a certain mood within the user. The Trump campaign has harvested the data of 30 Million users contracting companies like facebook and Amazon for this task. This interview with the CEO from the key tech firm responsible for the Trump data campaign is further very revealing. It is likely that these data were used and will be further used to detect opposition and to employ troll armies wherever resistance shows up. Computer generated algorithms and the manipulators behind them, thrive on us behaving “always the same” while also calculating some unforeseen events and problem scenarios – every new pattern of resistance will be responded with by a new set of algorithms. However, our inherit nature is to be rather unpredictable creatures and to resist attempts to uniform us. The more we get controlled the more we will eventually rebel. The trick of dictatorshop and mind control has always been to tell us we are free while at the same oppressing us. Computer generated algorithms as they are used in Social Media perform exactly that trick. People who believe that Social Media are the way to break out of our present dawn of a new era of global oppression, must be told, that Social Media are also the problem, as all attempts to break free are monitored by machines and responded to by machines. Even slight algorithm changes in the Newsfeed stimulate different mood responses in users. Those of you who may wonder why I am on & off twitter and facebook – this is the reason. The only way out is to pull the plug.


Algorithm & Al-Khwārizm


Now we venture back into Islamic thought, as the concept of algorithm as a planning and mapping tool is much older and has existed for centuries and has an Islamic root.


Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi may God be pleased with him, a 9th-century Persian geographer and mathematician, is considered one of the primary fathers of algebra and as the key-inventing mind of the algorithm. His work the Calculation with Hindu Numerals, written about 825 AD, was principally responsible for spreading the Hindu–Arabic numeral system throughout the Middle East and Europe. It was translated into Latin as Algoritmi de numero Indorum. Al-Khwārizmī, rendered as (Latin) Algoritmi, led to the term “algorithm”. Al-Khwarzimi was also a geographer and as such aquainted with the problem of geographical maps and mapping out space and objects. He worked with Mathematics in order to solve problems, and developed a set of equations that not only dealt with mathematical problems when they arise but also to detect and predict potential problems. I wonder what Al-Khwārizmī would have to say about the abuse of his great mathematical invention by contemporary greedy businesses and irresponsible power-hungry politicans.  My guess is the issues would not be entirely new to him.

How our Digital Habits Invite Authoritarian Abuse

“When thine eye is single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Luke 11:3

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

In 2010 US Sufi Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee compared the internet with a super human global mind:


The Internet is a powerful image of life’s interconnected oneness, and how the individual can interact with the whole. It is present everywhere at the same time. The Internet is not a hierarchical structure, and despite the attempts of some companies or governments to control it, it’s nature is globally democratic. As it becomes more and more present in our collective consciousness, it is more and more able to channel life’s underlying energies in new ways. It is a power and life force of its own, able to evolve and adapt like a fast-changing organism, and, like other emerging images of our time, it is reconfiguring our consciousness, rearranging our lives. For example, social networking is just one way this living web interacts with us, bringing us together in unexpected ways."


Those were the days. Humanity believed in it’s Uber-Power. Yet, the only super mind around is the higher intelligence of God. What humans create always carries the weaknesses of our minds, our perceptions, our intentions, however non-conscious we may be of them. We are well advised to remain realistic about our limitations and work on our flaws, instead of hyping ourselves up. Let’s be realistic: Our so called collective mind, the internet, has some serious psychotic issues.


Let’s fast forward from 2010 to 2018: We are making the collective experience how the internet and social media is used to foster authoritarian agendas that fragment humanity and drive us apart. Fragmentation is a mental health problem for everybody who spends too much time with computers, gadgets, smart phones etc. Brain functions change the more we work with technology. Our attention is modified. We are reduced to only capture events in “bites” – we loose the big picture, the whole view, the panorama. I know mental fragmentation from trauma therapy. After traumatic events the brain “fragments” memories and disables our ability to understand a complete narrative. It can also lead into amnesia. It is a self-protective mechanism to prevent overload. Like a circuit shutdown. It is sign of physical or psychic injury. A fragmented mind leaves the affected person in a desperate struggle to understand what has happened. Yet the brain has gone into self-protection mode and only a process of conscious healing can repair it. I propose that we look closer at how minds can be holistically healed to understand how to fix the internet and our human societies that took so much damage over the last decade. Trump, fascist nationalism, more and more povery, the rise of more exploitation are just the symptoms of an underlying psychic illness. We need to look at our individual and collective minds to understand the roots of these miseries and re-gain control – to re-build communities and control technology so it serves us.


Some social media like facebook take advantage of how our minds work and how our minds can slowly fragment when exposed to too much multi-tasking and multi-processing. When treated this way – like machines really – our minds are encouraged to make emotion driven snap-decisions, to buy, to vote, to belief (that the Earth is flat for example).

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Bombarded by advertising, fake news, inversed science, hatred, gadgets, interfacces that require individual learning (an enormous everyday mental task), and too much interaction with other users, the brain starts to fragement because it no longer manages to make comprehensive sense, to keep oversight. Chronic confusion kicks eventually in. Surely this has also contributed to the rise of authoritarian agendas and exploits. The doors to people’s minds were forcefully opened by Zuckerberg & Co and people with dirty shoes came inside. In my assessment (and the assessment of many others) the rise of authoritarianism is directly linked to our confused internet minds, the exploitation of our data and the new digital surveillance and manipulation (propaganda) industry that exploits our collective internet confusion.


Until the end of 2011 I myself worked in London as a consultant user experience expert for commerical and news projects, and dealt with data, user movements, user pedagogy and similar issues. Back then user data were dealt with anonymized and very broadly categorized, but it was already clear that a scary potential lies in algorithms that can change at any point what an individual user sees and interacts with (“experiences”) on the net. In advertising everybody wants to reach a person’s emotions. Emotions sell. Goods. Services. Fashion. Politics. Digital footprints of users give clues about preferences, view points, buying capabilities etc and with that informationn a lot of emotional targeting is possible.  In the hands of political game players things got very quickly really nasty. It is plainly speaking advanced agit-prop (agitation propagada) and like every ill intended human deed propaganda leaves psychic residues and mental wounds in others. Maybe it helps to consider all those folks that vote for crooks and despots to be psychically wounded. But it is time to stand up and fight this.


I did not know exactly what was coming our way before 2016, but I already knew how vulnerable people are when data are openly accessible and what can happen when data are manipulated. I also know how authoritarian abuse operates in the shadows. I am myself a victim of cyber stalking, surveillance, hacking and authoritarian abuse and made experiences with an incompetent, corrupt State system that allowed itself to be hollowed out by private interests that use the internet and hidden data highways for it’s dirty deeds. The step from there – a hidden criminal world – to an open take over of the State by criminal, mafia-like political structures (a Kleptocracy) is not a very big one.


My story in a nutshell is the following: I was under surveillance during and after a court battle with a council and the police in London. I was surveillanced because I brushed people in the council and the police the wrong way, complained about them and tried to hold them to account in a court of law. The people in question fought back by playing most foul. Letters from my lawyers and the court never arrived, my email was hacked, my mobile phone was hacked too, I received weird messages and my data in the centralized computer system were manipulated (it is indeed a very bad idea to keep people’s data in one central place, but that is exactly what the UK does, it keeps police records, council records, medical data etc, all in one centralized file). Remember, I am not a dangerous person. Just a person who tried to stand her ground. They did not let me stand my ground. Later I found out that there are many more people like myself. People who tried to stand their ground and those in control of the power did not let them. We met via the internet. What irony.


I eventually came to the conclusion that the council hired a private investigator firm to derail my case (see also this News article),  knowing how to not get caught. My job did not protect me. Perhaps it would have helped if I was a Millionaire. But I was no Millionaire. I was just a woman and they did with me whatever they wanted. The digital shadow land combined with shady laws gave them the power of an invisibility cloak. These are the spheres these types of people operate in. It was an occult epxerience too. I can hardly describe the everyday weirdness I encountered back then. An experience beyond stressful and terrifying – unsurprisingly I lost in court. I also lost my footing, my home, my family. Lucikly, I left England and returned home to Germany.


The internets I prefer to hang out in these days, are in forests, in the Earth. There one experiences true inter-connectedness. Un-surveillanced and un-manipulated and I also experienced profound healing of my own “fragmented mind”, that came about as a result of the manipulation I suffered. The highest intelligence, nature, the expression of the superior mind, healed me. Amazing things happened, proofing to me that Artificial Intelligence and it’s capabilities to manipulate us is nothing in comparison to the Higher Intelligence.


Returning to the Internet and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee’s article on the Huff Post, and his statement: “The Internet, as a living symbol of global oneness, offers us a direct connection to an awareness of divine oneness“, I want to tell about experiences I made with Christian Esotericism and spiritual exercises that help greatly against propaganda and attempts to manipulate us. According to this particular group of Christian healers, the human mind is an unrelenting source of discord that constantly seeks to subvert and deny any Oneness with God. It seeks to escape. It seeks to gratify it’s Nafs, it’s desires and pleasures. It is constantly chattering with itself. It has no spiritual belief or focus. It is as such open to any kind of manipulation. What would be a desirable mental state of us as individuals, that we become less open to manipulation?


I only got some words here, which you can surely expand with your own words. Keep these words in your mind. To my mind come “Trusting in God, unharmed by evil, joyful, unimpressed and untouched by propaganda. Whole. Complete. Focused. Loving. One in God. One with ourselves. One with each other. Unpenetrable by evil”. Look after your mind. Feed it with good. Make good your fortress. Stay focused. Don’t divide your mind. Don’t divide other peoples’ minds.


When we manage to keep ourselves as close as possible in a clear, calm mental state, we can pick up very quickly when evil intended outside thoughts and manipulations enter our minds. Try it. Watch out for linguistic trickery, be aware of how and what people say and do. There is no joy in hatred. Hatred is the divider. Authoritarian abusers and their minions need hate. The filthier the propaganda war on the internet becomes – our collective psychosis so to speak – the more complete, knowing and best as we possible can be we have to become. Please, do not get dragged down into any beliefs that all is lost and that we lost our collective mind. Be your natural self. Go into  nature. Live without the internet, gadgets, computers as much as you possibly can.  Some people in Silicon Valley sold us collectively the idea, that we will change the world buying their products and joining their FREE! platforms (nothing is for free in Silicon Valley folks!). Unsurprisingly, it was just a hype. The internet and our technologies are human creations and as such full of flaws. But again – there are remedies. I can give you clues, but they will amaze you so much that you will resent them at first, unless you are a believer. God is real.


What I am trying to express is that the healthy parts of the “collective mind” need to be conscious of their power and take back control.


To conclude this post, I share again this quote from Mahatma Ghandi:

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Dispelling Wetiko – Breaking the Bondage of Abuse

“Ultimately, humility is the basis for democracy, just as arrogance is the basis for authoritarianism.” ~ Jack D Forbes

What is Wétiko?

Wétiko is a word from North American Native – Cree – origin. To the Cree, and most Native North Americans, greed was a serious psychological malfunction. The Cree called this malfunction Wétiko. The phrase and collective sickening spirit it describes was first brought to wider public attention by Jack D. Forbes, a Native American healer, scholar and political activist. He used his manyfold talents to first frame the „Wetiko“, the malignent spirit within narcistic, pretatory humans and the ill-faited civilisation that rewards and protects their criminal endevours, murders, theft, genocides and other horrible crimes. Forbes was also active in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and was directly confronted with „the Wétiko“ throughout his life. Wétiko, the predatory egomanic spirit, is nowadays a psychic reality all over the world. It affects us all in various forms and with bitter results. Forbes informs us that  “Wétiko (…) refers to a cannibal or, more specifically, an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible acts…the consuming the life of another for private purpose or profit.” He tells us that for theWétiko, “Brutality knows no boundaries. Greed knows no limits. Perversion knows no borders.”. One look at colonial history and the history of the 3rd Reich can only confirm this. Present day events, and the raging machinery of greedy neo-liberal capitalism all over the world further confirm this devastating truth.

The author, artist and healer Paul Levy took on the endevour of framing the Wetiko further. He describes the effects of evil working within the average person, who acts neither very evil, nor very good, but enables evil through his unreflected, unconscious entanglements and silent corruptions. Paul Levy describes in particular how these entanglements with evil create a literal force-field of psychic control that force individuals to be part of evil’s psychic control games. When a person goes “mad” it can be a sign of great hope, because it can mean that the healthy part of the psyche of an individual revolts and seeks to break out from the force field.

“Genuine civilization, in essence, means not killing people. It is not a coincidence that the development of Wetiko corresponds to the rise of what Europeans choose to call civilization instead. The unsustainable nature of industrial civilization is based on, and increasingly requires, violence to maintain itself”. ~ Paul Levy, Dispelling Wetiko

Paul Levy, “Dispelling Wetiko

Paul Levy approaches “the Iblis-Wetiko” from a perspective of a wounded healer, shaman, buddhist and Jungian psychoanalyst. He is a deep level scholar of psychic phenomena. Levy dives into the psychic world and the world of the occult via a Jungian Archetype approach. He speaks about his personal experiences with this “spirit from everywhere and no-where” and weaves together a dense tapestry of how Wetiko unfolds in our personal and collective lives and how it behaves as spiritual “non-local” (outside of ourselves) entity. Levy also quotes from many Islamic sources and makes clear that the fight against evil is an universal legacy and endevour. The rise against it and a cure of it is more urgent then ever. Instead of arguing against each other (which is part of the Wetiko effect) we must work together and dispell this evil. There are critics who explain that Buddhism and Jungian Psychoanalysis is itself too material in nature to really grasp and dispell this spirit, yet this does not take away from Levy’s great work. His description how the Wetiko tried to capture him and how he fought it off are very compelling and realistic.

Levy has studied the Wetiko phenomena very close-up, and worked for many years crafting his arguments about Wetiko, what it is, how it entraps us and what the results of Wetiko’s abuse in our global and individual psyche is. Yes, Wetiko is a real evil, and a force, it is the infamous Iblis-Shaytan which lurks in our own and collective minds. It is part of us, but it is also not part of us. It abuses us and is in truth a psychic parasite. The question of how to heal Wetiko abuse is answered in a nutshell as follows: Recognize it, confront it and dispell it. Confront your own evils, apply daily spiritual remedies and exercises (prayers, meditation, mantras, dhikr) and dispell evil. Find the voice of true compassion in your heart and give this compassion forward.

Paul Levy has done humanity a great service by diving deeply into the psychic weaves of this complex, malign spirit. And so has Islam, and in particular the Imams of Shi’ism who describe the workings of the Iblis further in their writings on the esoteric dimensions of Islam (Ta’wil) and prescribe to us the medicine against the Iblis. Isn’t what happens these days on the internet and on the ground  like a text book unfoldment of Iblis and his minions on a global level, to spread despair, hopelessness and destruction over all of humanity? The only option is to turn to God, the force of pure light and pure intelligence, when one battles this evil, the Wetiko aka Iblis aka the Devil. One shall not over-analyse evil in my experience, one has to feel it out with psychic antennas and in prayers, and learn step by step to stand against it firmly, by being astute, and by having a firm belief in God and good.

There are many spiritual practises that help to dispell this evil spirit. What I find really helpful is to remember that one is made in the image and likeness of the One True Light and Intelligence, that is God – Good. Ultimately, we all know the difference between good and evil, even though certain propagandists try to twist our minds about it. Never ever loose your hope in the power of good.

This is an abstract version of an article that was published on my blog about Sufi healing “The Art of Islamic Healing”.

Child Protection & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Always Biased (Unable to Think)

Quote on AI (Artificial Intelligence):

"Is there a more bullshit job than working on making AI more fair? How about spending all that time and resources on improving the basic conditions of populations so that they will be in a better position to contend with whatever planned-obsolescence technological fix is invoked to mis-administrate them?"


Wanna destroy Fascism? Start by Destroying the Systems of Child Trafficking

"Trauma is the Language of The Technosphere."~ Rana Dasgupta

This is our collective culture now. The abuse of children by the state and it's private business agents has become pandemic. Trump - in true style - only took it to the next level of inhumanity. Perhaps we should call it OPENLY INHUMANE, instead of cloaked inhumane? No more Liberal sugar-coating. Under the Democrats these types of abuses were called "child welfare programs" or "child protection", but it really is Child Trafficking. It enabled a vast industry to built itself, an industry that makes money by seperating children from their parents and pumping them full of drugs. It is a tick box system, run by computers & AI with bureaucratic Dr Mengeles doing the dirty deeds.



In Germany we got similar problems. Our laws still protect us better, but we too have become fragile. Immigrant children are more likely to be taken into care. Children of low income house holds. Single parents (mums). A vast system of "protection" has been built around each and all of us. Seperating children from their parents has become normalized. Yesterday I looked at a new children's book about families. An entire page is dedicated to tell children that it is normal for children to be seperated and placed into "new families" because their birth parents may have "too many problems"????


What is normal about 2 children being taken off their mum and force adopted because she was raped (real case in the UK)? What is normal about children being advertised on the internet for adoption? What is normal about children being pumped full of drugs and what is normal about all these alledged "disturbances" in children that all require some sort of medication? What is normal about children being taken off their parents because somebody decided that these parents are radical (real cases in the UK)? What can be possibly called normal about all this?


An Interview with Victoria Haigh

"Nature is nature (...) interfere with it at your peril. Man made is never going to overhaul what God created.“ ~ Victoria Haigh

(The interview was done in 2014 // R.A.)

Victoria Haigh and the case of her oldest daughter made many headlines over the last couple of years. Victoria was a very prominent and successful race horse jockey and trainer in the UK. There were disputes with her daughter’s father over contact and eventually the case ended up in the UK family courts.

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Birds Fly Free Under Water ~ When justice is absent, what can be a healing?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"I wonder, do birds who are released by women who lie on the ocean floor fly too?"

".. her two small children went into forced adoption, leaving the woman a victim of rape who is stigmatized as “incapable mother” and open for yet more abuse in form of another forced adoption by social services UK should she ever have another baby."

Today I received a devastating email from the UK by a woman who was raped by her husband, for which he was convicted to a 6 year prison term. But instead of being able to live her life, her children were taken off her to be force adopted.

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A Snippet on Surveillance and Child Protection (from 2014)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

From a press release by the British Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services:

"Without their knowledge, every pregnant woman (and expectant father) is screened by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to see if they may be a risk to the child, and they are monitored for risk factors like previous mental illness, domestic violence, being a teenager, unemployed, homeless, a former or current drug user, etc. They are then automatically referred to social services, who may hold child protection planning meetings before the baby is born."