Child Protection & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Always Biased (Unable to Think)

Quote on AI (Artificial Intelligence):

"Is there a more bullshit job than working on making AI more fair? How about spending all that time and resources on improving the basic conditions of populations so that they will be in a better position to contend with whatever planned-obsolescence technological fix is invoked to mis-administrate them?"


Wanna destroy Fascism? Start by Destroying the Systems of Child Trafficking

"Trauma is the Language of The Technosphere."~ Rana Dasgupta

This is our collective culture now. The abuse of children by the state and it's private business agents has become pandemic. Trump - in true style - only took it to the next level of inhumanity. Perhaps we should call it OPENLY INHUMANE, instead of cloaked inhumane? No more Liberal sugar-coating. Under the Democrats these types of abuses were called "child welfare programs" or "child protection", but it really is Child Trafficking. It enabled a vast industry to built itself, an industry that makes money by seperating children from their parents and pumping them full of drugs. It is a tick box system, run by computers & AI with bureaucratic Dr Mengeles doing the dirty deeds.



In Germany we got similar problems. Our laws still protect us better, but we too have become fragile. Immigrant children are more likely to be taken into care. Children of low income house holds. Single parents (mums). A vast system of "protection" has been built around each and all of us. Seperating children from their parents has become normalized. Yesterday I looked at a new children's book about families. An entire page is dedicated to tell children that it is normal for children to be seperated and placed into "new families" because their birth parents may have "too many problems"????


What is normal about 2 children being taken off their mum and force adopted because she was raped (real case in the UK)? What is normal about children being advertised on the internet for adoption? What is normal about children being pumped full of drugs and what is normal about all these alledged "disturbances" in children that all require some sort of medication? What is normal about children being taken off their parents because somebody decided that these parents are radical (real cases in the UK)? What can be possibly called normal about all this?


An Interview with Victoria Haigh

"Nature is nature (...) interfere with it at your peril. Man made is never going to overhaul what God created.“ ~ Victoria Haigh

(The interview was done in 2014 // R.A.)

Victoria Haigh and the case of her oldest daughter made many headlines over the last couple of years. Victoria was a very prominent and successful race horse jockey and trainer in the UK. There were disputes with her daughter’s father over contact and eventually the case ended up in the UK family courts.

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Birds Fly Free Under Water ~ When justice is absent, what can be a healing?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"I wonder, do birds who are released by women who lie on the ocean floor fly too?"

".. her two small children went into forced adoption, leaving the woman a victim of rape who is stigmatized as “incapable mother” and open for yet more abuse in form of another forced adoption by social services UK should she ever have another baby."

Today I received a devastating email from the UK by a woman who was raped by her husband, for which he was convicted to a 6 year prison term. But instead of being able to live her life, her children were taken off her to be force adopted.

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A Snippet on Surveillance and Child Protection (from 2014)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

From a press release by the British Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services:

"Without their knowledge, every pregnant woman (and expectant father) is screened by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to see if they may be a risk to the child, and they are monitored for risk factors like previous mental illness, domestic violence, being a teenager, unemployed, homeless, a former or current drug user, etc. They are then automatically referred to social services, who may hold child protection planning meetings before the baby is born."

Christopher Booker, The Liberal and The Right Wing (Populist) Press, The Truth, and Child Protection

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any.” ― Hannah Arendt

When one deals with subjects of things that are hidden, such as uncomfortable truths, political and criminal cover-ups, moral and ethical scandals and all matters child protection, one quickly comes into the  murky world of conspiracy theories and deafening official silences. While the so called liberal press such as The Guardian in the UK says very little to nothing to enlighten the public about the excessive failures and abuses of the child protection system everywhere in the West, and in particular in the UK; the so called right-wing press such as The Telegraph says a great deal more about the subject, as it sees in these excessive failures expressions of the Stalinist uber-State, behind which lurks the European Union and a wider Marxist conspiracy to subdue, brainwash and hoodwink the British public. In a strange way such positions are in themselves comforting as it speaks of an old fashioned-ness, a world long gone, where beliefs could be quirky and weird without being too dangerous; and firm opinions, however reactionary, spoke of a certainty and "a place in the world". However, history ain't so forgiving any longer.

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I Lost My Kids to Forced Adoption

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"This is my story , I say I lost my kids to forced adoption , then people judge me on that one sentence. I get angry and frustrated , then I persist they just listen , then I tell them my children's story , then they start to listen , then they cry , then they feel angry too , then they say sorry for the injustice served , then I say I'm sorry too , then there is a deafening silence , and again I'm alone ." - Mother

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It’s Jolly Good Fun – A Short Sociology of Forced Adoption and a Tale of Two Women

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“I was seeking justice and freedom and human rights and thousands of miles later thousands of pounds later and hundreds of miles walked later and hundreds of doors knocked on later I didn’t fucking find it“. ~ Dave


Meet Dave. Dave is in an intelligent, articulate women in her 30s. She had a good job in an architect’s office; earned money; dated; was the average British girl. Then she got unlucky. First she met a man who wanted to ruin her life and the life of their children, and then she met the State who took over from the man in continuing the ruining.

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