Christopher Booker, The Liberal and The Right Wing (Populist) Press, The Truth, and Child Protection

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any.” ― Hannah Arendt

When one deals with subjects of things that are hidden, such as uncomfortable truths, political and criminal cover-ups, moral and ethical scandals and all matters child protection, one quickly comes into the  murky world of conspiracy theories and deafening official silences. While the so called liberal press such as The Guardian in the UK says very little to nothing to enlighten the public about the excessive failures and abuses of the child protection system everywhere in the West, and in particular in the UK; the so called right-wing press such as The Telegraph says a great deal more about the subject, as it sees in these excessive failures expressions of the Stalinist uber-State, behind which lurks the European Union and a wider Marxist conspiracy to subdue, brainwash and hoodwink the British public. In a strange way such positions are in themselves comforting as it speaks of an old fashioned-ness, a world long gone, where beliefs could be quirky and weird without being too dangerous; and firm opinions, however reactionary, spoke of a certainty and "a place in the world". However, history ain't so forgiving any longer.

The world is indeed full of many lies and many reversed truths, propaganda and diversions, and so deep goes the rabbit hole of many stories that any serious writer quickly learns to throw over board all preconceptions about left or right, liberal or conservative, this or that, and rather focus on gathering facts - and not believe a word that is thrown out by anybody else without verifying it. In this process of researching and re-evaluation all leftovers of random personal opinions and sacred beliefs are quickly lost and at this stage many collapse, get scared, throw in the towel and seek refuge in the known and what they believe to be safe, as this offers at least some sort of position in life and perhaps a safe haven in a life that could deteriorate otherwise  into one eternal shitstorm. Because one eventually realizes: there is indeed much evil in this world and nobody wants to know about it. 

Everybody who observes closely the murky world of child protection rapidly loses  sacred beliefs about the "good" state and "good child protection workers" and a "fair judicial system" and "unbiased experts". What one discovers instead is gross incompetence, corruption, ignorance, fear, broken lives, lost children, deprivation of the most basic legal and human rights, and many lies that are piled up like dog shit in order to cover up, divert and confuse about what really happened to Baby P, the Forced Ceserian Italian Mother, the UK Family Barrister going AWOL, Vicky Haigh, etc. The deeper truth of most of these cases is widely ignored by The Guardian & Co, while The Telegraph's Christopher Booker is one of the very few who write about these cases, causing outrage in the liberal and non-liberal establishment for naming judges and shaming individual councils for their excessive failures and sometimes outright criminal activities.

While I am not a friend of Booker's revisionist historical views on Thatcher having always been an outspoken enemy of Apartheid (did I only imagine that infamous quote of her's that the ANC is a terrorist organisation... btw: they were, they did throw bombs.. and that Mandela is a terrorist), or his views on the European Union as a giant Marxist conspiracy to explain the serial cock ups in the UK legal system (the issues are more complex and twisted). I am however supporting the man in his highly informed work on the effects of the failures of the UK child protective and legal system by bringing some of the hair raising and awful individual cases of victims of this system to the public. Fact is, the good man receives hundreds of emails and letters every week with cases that desperate parents and victims of this system bring forward. There are too many to publish, but each of this cases is a life, a story, a disaster, an outrage, that describes  the workings of a system where individuals simply don't care about the effects of their combined actions. Things weren't that dissimilar in Nazi Germany, there too people just didn't care because they could hide behind the belief that one acts for a "collective good" and one doesn't do anything worse than the next link in the system's chains.

Perhaps one needs to talk to the individually affected people, to a mother who looses her children into forced adoption because she happened to be raped, or to a mother who battles social services because she reported the sexual abuse of her child, or to survivors of the UK-Australian Child Migration Scheme, to understand how increasingly twisted  Western society has become in its intricate bureaucratic (mis)workings, and how easily people get destroyed and how happily and readily people from within "the system" participate in the most monstrous and EVIL abuses. And how all this feels like the dawn of a new era of full on fascism, 21st century style. Here, I said it!

So, while The Guardian & Co continue to do the safe, official social stories, always concerned for the delicate constitution of their "liberal clientele" and their liberal "we are good people" belief system, other people go down and dirty and publish the filthy truth, some less, some more successful. I am personally no longer surprised that many people don't like liberals and go over to the right, and to the right wing media, and I say this as a person who once worked herself for The Guardian newspaper and got her paychecks from them and who can't stand the cheap honey-trap ideologies of the right.  Yet if liberalism and leftism really means nowadays to lie and hide for the sake of those in power, then the left and all the  liberals deserve to go down.  Shame how all this cowardice plays right into the hands of the very fascism everybody confesses to be against and that started to take us over in unison - see the UK legal and child protection system, which is just one battlefield of many.

A little personal courage of everybody would help. So, thanks Christopher Booker for your everyday bit of a little courage, and never mind all the bollocks.