Female Chauvinist Pigs, The Issues Uncovered

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture (2005) is a book by Ariel Levy which critiques modern feminist raunch culture in the United States and elsewhere. Levy argues that America is a sex obsessed culture that objectifies women and encourages women to objectify themselves. Citing examples ranging from the fad of Playboy Bunny merchandise for women to the moral panic of rainbow parties, Levy argues that American mass culture has framed the game so perversely that young women now strive to be the "hottest" and "sexiest" girl they know rather than the most accomplished.

Since publication of Levey's book in 2005 this phenomen of women being their own worst enemy when it comes to the exploitation of their bodies and sexuality has significantly deepend. Now women are happy porn directors, and celebrate the surgical clipping of their own labias and the labias of their 'girlfriends' so they all look like 'porno' vaginas (which is what?). That labia clipping causes scaring and numbing - who cares, as long as we can be star in our 'own free porn' or preferably even in a professional porn movie. In the West 'us women' are so free that we can even rent ourselves out for gang banging and swinging blow job parties including gagging and bondage etc. For no charge! Cause porn is fun and who wants to be a chicken in a gang bang?

On the other side of this version of 'female liberation' the women of raunch have the veiled women of Islam put in front of them, women who are allegedly all forcibly and routintely circumcised and robbed of their clitoris and labias through kitchen table operations, and who are mere 'sex objects' and can not self-determine their sexuality, which means under this definition of freedom that they are denied their human right to flash their  breasts or join a gang bang without getting executed by bonkers mad Muslim men. Ehhh, what? C'mon, ideological dogs of war, how stupid do you think us women are? Well, actually very stupid, cause even though all this smells like a very dead propaganda rat Western women raunch continues to run riot and continues to pretend that objectifying the body is freedom of expression when it is in fact nothing but exploitation and self-abuse in one of it's most severe forms. This form of abuse really comes to life when compared to the 'the oppressed other women' - which is pre-dominantly the oppressed Muslim woman. The woman who allegedly has no rights, no say, no voice, no face, no clitoris, because of her backward religion and culture.How odd it is, that in porn movies every pussy looks the same, and every porn actress looks like any other. Sex-robots everywhere...



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