I Lost My Kids to Forced Adoption

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"This is my story , I say I lost my kids to forced adoption , then people judge me on that one sentence. I get angry and frustrated , then I persist they just listen , then I tell them my children's story , then they start to listen , then they cry , then they feel angry too , then they say sorry for the injustice served , then I say I'm sorry too , then there is a deafening silence , and again I'm alone ." ~ Mother

What was her crime? Did she abuse her children? Was she clinically insane? None of these. It is claimed, by UK Social Workers and the judges in charge, that  she commited an emotional crime against her children because she was raped by her former partner, who is also the father of the two children.  In truth, her crime was ideological - she perpetrated a crime against the social order of the day. This social order wants us to stay silent over domestic abuse and crimes, while it officially proclaims the opposite, that it wishes to "help the abused". Helping the abused these days means that children are turned into commodities and fed into the foster care and adoption market "to protect them". Mother's mistake was, that she reported the rape and pressed charges against the rapist. He was sentenced to 6 years. This is what triggered Social Services to remove her children from her.

Go on, tell me how free women are in the UK and in the Western world. Do you really still want to believe that and use every argumentative trick they gave to you to defend that position? Go on, hide from the truth. Hide, by blaming the victims.  Hide, by embracing the defening silence and by embracing yet again, everyday cruelty against women, children, and humanity as a whole. Yes, against men too.



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