It’s Jolly Good Fun – A Short Sociology of Forced Adoption and a Tale of Two Women

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“I was seeking justice and freedom and human rights and thousands of miles later thousands of pounds later and hundreds of miles walked later and hundreds of doors knocked on later I didn’t fucking find it“. ~ Dave


Meet Dave. Dave is in an intelligent, articulate women in her 30s. She had a good job in an architect’s office; earned money; dated; was the average British girl. Then she got unlucky. First she met a man who wanted to ruin her life and the life of their children, and then she met the State who took over from the man in continuing the ruining.


The background of Dave is made up, but Dave’s story is not. This is her story as told by the Lib Dem MP John Hemming in the Daily Mail. There are many more Daves all over Britain.


“In one appalling case in a quiet corner of England, a middle-class mother is currently being threatened with having her children forcibly adopted after she was raped by her husband, who was imprisoned for his crime a few weeks ago.


Social workers say that, despite the fact that her husband has been sentenced to six years and the couple are about to divorce, the wife allowed herself to be raped and therefore cannot protect their children in the family’s home.”


There are a few more – extraordinarily painful – fragments to Dave’s case not mentioned in the Daily Mail. During their relationship the man, who is obviously an emotional and social pervert, had raped and severely beaten Dave. Eventually she broke away.  She pressed charges against the man and he eventually got imprisoned for 6 years. All should be fine, one should think, but lo and behold, social services got involved and decided to apply for a care order for Dave’s children. When Dave got wind of Social Services’ intention to apply for a care order – 11 days before it was actually granted by a UK court – she left the UK for Ireland but her children were eventually seized in Ireland by intervention from UK social services and returned to the UK by the Irish courts. 


Forcibly returned to the UK and separated from her children, Dave sees her own life and the life of her children being destroyed a little bit more every day. “The threshold met was domestic abuse and failing to protect. He was sentencd to six years for rape and assault by penetration whilst I was pregnant. I fled to Ireland when he was arrested as I feared for our safety. SS got it into their heads I was escaping them. I was pursued and they used him to get to us as he has parental responsibility. (...) The SS says I am emotionally unstable and have refused all psychiatric assessments. I have never once had a psychiatric assessment through care proceedings [but] only a psychologist I organized who said she wants to help me.”


"(...) meet Judge P.  Judge P is a family court judge. She states things like the following on an adoption site that calls itself  “Be My Parent”."


Now meet Judge P.  Judge P is a family court judge. She states things like the following on an adoption site that calls itself  “Be My Parent”.


There are many more adoption websites such as Be My Parent. There is for example “UK Adoption” (which is now trimmed to be an "international adoption site" - a clear sign of the involvement of US adoption and foster care businesses in the UK forced adoption system) where prospective adopting parents can get advice like the following on the matter of birth parents and contested adoptions:


It should also be noted that Judge P, who writes on “adoption parties” on “Be My Parent,” is the judge in Dave’s case at the family court. She is handling Social Services’ application to put Dave’s children up for care and onto a placement order; which means she decides if Dave's children should be force adopted and to take all parental rights away from Dave. It can be assumed, based on Judge P's article for “Be My Parent,” that Judge P is an adoption friendly judge, and that she is directly and unashamedly affiliated with the UK Adoption Lobby which is really nothing else but a franchise of US Adoption and Fostering businesses. It can also be assumed that Dave never had a chance. She was raped first by her perverted ex, and then again by the perverted State, who privatized the welfare of the public for the benefit of the few. And Dave and her children are not one of the few. In Dave’s own words “I was seeking justice and freedom and human rights and thousands of miles later thousands of pounds later and hundreds of miles walked later and hundreds of doors knocked on later I didn’t fucking find it“.


There is much to ask about the system of forced adoptions in the UK and how social services, lawyers and judges work hand in hand with an government that is led by  industry interests. Every day incredibly cruel and reprehensible decisions are made by taking children from perfectly adequate, though not perfect parents. Many parents affected have reported a system entirely geared against them, and I wonder about the deeper implications with every case I hear and read about -- beyond questions as to whether these parents have abused their children or not. I simply know too much about how  justice for “ordinary” people in the UK operates and how business interests override any due course at courts and in so called "care meetings" and in politican's offices. I don’t doubt that most of the parents who are losing their children in this system are indeed innocent of the crimes they are accused of, and that the system of forced adoption has very little to do with child protection; but everything with business incentives and social engineering agendas.


"...this is the big elephant in the room that nobdoy ever dares to mention.."


There is no other explanation for the underlying dynamic behind such severe abuse of people and their children. What else is the belief system of a woman like Judge P that she orders the children of a woman like Dave to be torn from their mother? Is it a sincere belief that the children are better off far away from their once raped and beaten mother, or is it a wish to punish the children of perpetrators and the former partners of perpetrators? The UN Convention on the Rights of Children  states clearly, that all must be done by the State for children to live with their family -  certainly the UNCRC wasn't present in any of the  court rooms Dave had to visit.


All this is very baffling and confusing and one starts to wonder and muse and gets rather distracted from the raw facts of gross injustice that are done for the sake of business, even though this is the big elephant in the room that nobdoy ever dares to mention. Instead, projections are employed to distract from the issues, projections such as that something must be wrong with a woman like Dave when she ends up with a perverted man. Even though perverted men (and women) are common currency, just like perverted bureaucratic system are nowadays common, and brutal wars in the name of "humanitarian missions", and politicans who lie happily to keep their friends from the business world happy. When viewed from this angle, one makes the unsurprising discovery that the UK system has itself a perverted mind, that it is a perpetrator itself nationally and internationally, and that it routinely punishes victims of perpetrators on a micro level in its court rooms, but even more perverted, it understodd how to make a lucrative business out of this perversion. That business of perversion is called child trafficking and it is disguised as a system of child protection.


It is a no win situation for abused people  either way and my overall impression is that the “system”, as a mix of private and public life, macro and micro financial and political interests, and the relating macro and micro social control, is geared towards the utilization of people who fall foul to perpetrators, while also causing  most of these problems to begin with.

As for the “psychiatric disorder”, the UK social services tried to pin on Dave, she is reporting the following anecdote, that leaves me buffled how stupid shrinks really are and how utterly obsessed with their own - here we go again again - business agendas. Nobody wants to name the elephant, because it is their own elephant too.

From Dave...


"I got a Brilliant quote from the Psychologist:


“I treat people and help people with Psychological problems and I cant help you or treat you that way because there is nothing wrong with you. Its societies perceptions. I’m sorry but somehow I am trying to help. I can’t change this shit social system. I cant change the judicial system. I cant change the fact you have always and will always be misunderstood. You will always be wrongly judged. I cant change the fact you see this world differently than most. I don’t know what to say to you call me and talk to me.”


My answer "yeah, well maybe we can go for a walk in the park and feed the ducks."


Psychologist “yeah, sounds good.”


Me: "to be the most immaculate sheep in the flock I firstly and most importantly need to be a sheep. I’m not a sheep am I ?”


Psychologist: "No, you’re not!"


Me: "Well, I’m screwed then".


Psychologist: "I don’t know what to say.”

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  1. This is a travesty not just for this woman and her children but to all woman. Woman may now very well NOT report abuse or violence against them for fear of losing their children. Why has the woman been punished for reporting an abuser? Why has she being punished for being abused ? The answer is simple………… services are the puppets used to steal children for profit.They lie with impunity and bend the truth and above all do not support the family. How dare this country treat their woman in this way? How dare this country steal children for profit? This must stop , useing children as a core assett is the most dispicable action of any country and the uk are leading the way. Forced adoption is a travesty not just for the parent but for all the children forecably removed from loving parents

  2. My aim is to dig deeper to highlight what goes on in the deeper mind of this system to be so hateful, and ultimately give something to the affected people that they understand how they can more effectively fight this.

    Perpetrators are my target, be it the State or a private person, not men as such and not women as such. The habitual victimization of people and their children in the UK and elsewhere must stop.

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