Researching Reform: Police Are Hiding Vital Evidence To Win Cases (and Child Protection does it too)

This is an interesting news-piece in the "we knew that already" cateogry. Countless people who face injustice in a judicial UK system rigged against them, know what The Times reveals in a recent article - police and other public agencies temper with evidence. And may I add - evidence are data!!!!

"A dossier has revealed that the police routinely and deliberately conceal vital evidence in order to frustrate defendants’ cases.

The Times published the story after it received the dossier, which discloses tactics and deep seated cultural practices encouraging police to hide and withhold vital information which could undermine the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) cases. The revelation comes just as CPS Chief Alison Saunders gets ready to step down amid concerns over her leadership of the CPS."

The full article on Researching Reform:

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