Wired on Child Abuse Prediction Models

A very insightful article from Wired Magazine on Child Abuse Prediction Models and how those target and frame poor families for "child neglect". Instead of providing basic income, medical care and housing for the disadvantaged parents, the neo-liberal machine takes children and feeds them into the foster care and adoption industry. The article high lights how cultural bias shapes software programs and how powerful those machine-programs are becoming.

"Three-quarters of child welfare investigations involve neglect rather than physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Where the line is drawn between the routine conditions of poverty and child neglect is particularly vexing. Many struggles common among poor families are officially defined as child maltreatment, including not having enough food, having inadequate or unsafe housing, lacking medical care, or leaving a child alone while you work. Unhoused families face particularly difficult challenges holding on to their children, as the very condition of being homeless is judged neglectful."


Child Protection & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Always Biased (Unable to Think)

Quote on AI (Artificial Intelligence):

"Is there a more bullshit job than working on making AI more fair? How about spending all that time and resources on improving the basic conditions of populations so that they will be in a better position to contend with whatever planned-obsolescence technological fix is invoked to mis-administrate them?"

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