An Interview with Victoria Haigh

"Nature is nature (...) interfere with it at your peril. Man made is never going to overhaul what God created.“ ~ Victoria Haigh

(The interview was done in 2014 // R.A.)

Victoria Haigh and the case of her oldest daughter made many headlines over the last couple of years. Victoria was a very prominent and successful race horse jockey and trainer in the UK. There were disputes with her daughter’s father over contact and eventually the case ended up in the UK family courts.

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What The Case Michelle Freedman vs. London Borough of Barnet Child Protection Really Tells Us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This case highlights a couple of things that are seriously wrong about the powers that UK Local Authorities have and how they abuse those powers at will and use a net of surveillance against individuals.

Michelle Freedman already knew the work of UK social services in her role as UK family law barrister at  Clerksroom Chambers. She knew what happens to families who come in contact with the "system" and she knew also what happens to women who report abuse within the family to social services. 

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