Voices of Moral Authority – Can Child Protectors in the UK be Manipulated?

"The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had been her teachers—stern and wild ones—and they had made her strong (...).” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

We're terrible at realising what goes on in other people's heads because we are trapped inside our own." ~ Derren Brown (Mentalist)

I am working on and off on this blog "The Red Mother" since 2013. Pedophile crimes, perpetrator manipulation, justice and the various issues around it is one of the topics I think and write about. In 2014 I made an interview with Victoria Haigh and spoke with her about her promiment case that has cost her all contact to her still underage daughter. Five years after I made this interview I find it making the rounds on social media. One blog commented on the interview: "Victoria Haigh: When Child Abusers are given moral authority." http://childprotectionresource.online/victoria-haigh-when-child-abusers-are-given-moral-authority/

Let's take a closer look at our moral authorities and  what they are made up of. Surely, we all need the authoritiy of proper social values and proper institutions to guide us. The last years have demonstrated however, how unstable a society can become in a relative short period of time, thanks to targeted propaganda and the erosion of social values. In the age of Social Media propaganda, it may have become obvious to many that people can be en masse fooled, pushed and shoved into adapting irrational view points - like that the earth is flat or that aromatherapy cures cancer. In February 2019 states in the Guardian: "I wish that as an oncologist I could see off quackery through good communication. Unfortunately that doesn’t work." She describes how patients can be so enthralled by promises of alternative cures to cancer that they abandon scientific medicine. This describes an overall, seismic shift in liberal Western society, that is, that many of it's citizens (and in the UK: it's subjects) no longer trust their own institutions. On one hand this distrust is brought on by propaganda from the outside (see Russia / Trump), on the other hand: our institutions have some serious credibility issues after decades of neo-liberal treatment and the erosion of social values that came along with it. The erosion of public institutions and values has a serious and direct impact on child protection and the justice system. To deny this is a  behavior similar to the behavior of cancer patients who deny their illness in the hope this will change their reality and hence their illness.

In April 2018 the blog Researching Reform reported - based on a story of The Times UK - that "Concealing evidence has taken on a life of its own inside the family justice system, where everything from lying to tampering with evidence is seen as fair game. Unethical and illegal actions are now so routine, that professionals from every government body engage in some form of policy or law breaking on a day to day basis. Whether it’s social workers hiding, destroying or fabricating evidence, individuals pretending to be qualified expert witnesses or lawyers using the back door to sway cases, this kind of ‘bad behaviour’ has become endemic."

The Great Tenderness, 2019

In the last years a series of scandals have emerged in the UK about child sexual abuse grooming gangs. Social services and police knew about these abuses but turned a blind eye on them. It took years of hard work and campaigning by individuals to bring these scandals to public attention (see also this Wiki entry in Rochdale).

Is it fair to say, that the UK child protection system has some serious credibility issues and that this is not because of people like myself (not paid by Russia btw) but because of the system itself? I believe it is fair to say that. Yet I do not take any personal pleasure from slagging off the UK child protection system, social workers, police, lawyers, experts and judges included, quite contrary, I would prefer to be wrong and to be just another ranting troll and self-serving online psycho. I want to be wrong because this is about people's lives and livelyhoods, and most of all about their children. I can not bear to know that they are abandonded and abused in a dysfunctional system. I want to be wrong about perpetrators having easy game in UK family courts. I want to be wrong about victimized mothers and their children, I would prefer these mothers be all liars. It would allow me to sleep better and stay pretty for longer.

However, when I write about Victoria Haigh and her case and make an interview with her I see a little girl in my inner vision, a little girl who has no mother and who is potentially ongoingly sexually molested because "the system" most likely did not adequately investigate Victoria Haigh's allegations, but instead turned on its head to proof that Victoria is wrong, a liar and an evil woman. I understand why the UK institutions do that, but it does not cure their illness. I am sorry dear institutions of the UK, dear social workers, dear judges, dear experts, dear legal hacks, but it is entirely possible that you are mistaken and misguided on many cases, and this one included, simply because it is relatively easy to misguide you when one knows how to do it. Perpetrators know how to do that and the overall condition of your State does not help that. Do you know what perpetrators do? Do you know how they do it? Perpetrators know how to distract you. Perpetrators know how to instrumentalize you. Perpetrators know how to shift attention. Perpetrators know how to turn things on it's head and will make you work for them. Perpetrators can hijack entire countries and stir them into doom if you let them.

Of course, it is possible that Victoria Haigh has used me for "her internet campaign" and that I got fooled. But hours of conversations with her have convinced me otherwise. The way she talks about her experiences sounds very much like the accounts of other women who lost their children after they made similar allegations of sexual abuse. It fits the pattern of system behavior, how the mother is not believed and how the system gets into gear to punish her and eradicate her from her children, and turns her during the process into the embodiment of an evil woman. It is a psychological thing really. Something deeply psychotic that comes out of the institutions. Because turning psycho is much easier then paying attention to the game play of the real perpetrators. Or questioning the corrupt police who manipulate evidence. Or questioning complacent social workers who serially ignore child grooming gangs. Or raising questions about corrupt lawyers. Or raising questions about overworked judges and how tiredness impacts their judgments. No more questions. No more worries. No more anything. Reality denied is a reality changed, or is it not?

Of course ultimately only one person knows the truth in their own reality and this person is not old enough yet to move and talk freely. When she is old enough to talk, it will be interesting to watch if the system allows her the freedom of her own voice, or if it tries to silence her. This is the real litmus test to find out how fascist and dysfunctional the UK really is - or not.

“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom.”  ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter


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