Wanna destroy Fascism? Start by Destroying the Systems of Child Trafficking

"Trauma is the Language of The Technosphere."~ Rana Dasgupta

This is our collective culture now. The abuse of children by the state and it's private business agents has become pandemic. Trump - in true style - only took it to the next (and open) level of inhumanity. Perhaps we should call it OPENLY INHUMANE, instead of cloaked inhumane? No more Liberal sugar-coating. Under the Democrats these types of abuses were called "child welfare programs" or "child protection", but it really is Child Trafficking. It enabled a vast industry to built itself, an industry that makes money by seperating children from their parents and pumping them full of drugs. It is a tick box system, run by computers & AI with bureaucratic Dr Mengeles doing the dirty deeds.

In Germany we got similar problems. Our laws still protect us better, but we too have become fragile. Immigrant children are more likely to be taken into care. Children of low income house holds. Single parents (mums). A vast system of "protection" has been built around each and all of us. Seperating children from their parents has become normalized. Yesterday I looked at a new children's book about families. An entire page is dedicated to tell children that it is normal for children to be seperated and placed into "new families" because their birth parents may have "too many problems"????

What is normal about 2 children being taken off their mum and force adopted because she was raped (real case in the UK)? What is normal about children being advertised on the internet for adoption? What is normal about children being pumped full of drugs and what is normal about all these alledged "disturbances" in children that all require some sort of medication? What is normal about children being taken off their parents because somebody decided that these parents are radical (real cases in the UK)? What can be possibly called normal about any of this?

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